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How we increase sales:

1st Edition Comedy are the UK’s only comedy marketing specialists and as such we work with promoters country-wide to ensure their nights are a success. With over a decade of event marketing experience we can provide an unrivalled service for promoters who want to increase their audience numbers.

Our team consists of some of the UK’s best marketeers, PR experts, graphic designers and data analyists. This skill-set, combined with our dedication and passion for comedy, means we are always the best choice to help you achieve your marketing aims. 

Below are the four ways we can work with you to help increase attendances at your shows. Click on each of the buttons to find out exactly what we can deliver:

Analysis & Strategy
Increase your sales with...

Analysis & Strategy

At 1st Edition we will build you a marketing plan to not only help you achieve your short-term sales aims but your long-term goals as well. The first thing we do is a deep analysis of your marketing and sales offering. Based on both the results of this analysis and on your budget we will provide you with a usable, practical strategy to help you fulfill your goals.

The analysis tools we specialise include:

  • Brand value assessment

  • Primary and secondary market research 

  • Digital marketing analytics

  • Competitor research

The strategic tools we utilise include:

  • Single event marketing plan

  • 1-5 year marketing strategy

  • Branding strategy

Increase your sales with...

Digital Marketing

Working with 1st Edition Comedy means you will have access to one of the UK’s most skilled collection of digital marketeers. Our team will use their indepth knowledge of e-commerce and event marketing to help increase your sales. Webbuilding, improving SEO or sending e-newsletters - we can do it all.

We can assist you with any of the following:

  • Website creation and maintenance

  • E-commerce optimisation

  • E-newsletter service

  • Social media marketing (organic and paid)

  • Paid search

  • Search engine optimisation

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Public Relations

“If I had just one dollar left, I would spend it on PR”. This quote from Bill Gates summarises exactly how we feel about public relations at 1st Edition. Working with us means you will get access to our established network of local and national press. We can get your gigs promoted by a huge range of media outlets - all at a reasonable price.

Our PR gurus have connections with :

  • National and local press

  • Trade press

  • Event listings

  • National and local radio

  • Bloggers and influencers

  • Reviewers

Increase your sales with...

Offline Marketing

In the digital age it’s easy to forget the importance of ‘old school’ marketing techniques. However, done correctly they can be some of the most effective marketing tools out there - especially if you’re on a budget.  

  • Local sales teams

  • Poster distribution

  • Print and radio advertising 

We specialise in the following offline marketing tools:

  • Flyer, poster and ticket design

  • House-to-house flyering

  • Street flyering